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Work Produced on Exchange at Bath Spa University, England

In this body of work, I intend to investigate the intricate workings of the natural world. The intricate nature of the art and portrayed inner workings illustrates the complexities of our natural environment and our responsibility to it. As the works look at sustainability a major part of the research undertaken was to do with the Extinction Rebellion movement and current protests. I also looked into creating works made exclusively from plants; creating inks from botanicals and natural sources, hand making paper and having the temporary presence of the inks be a commentary on the current extinction threats of flora and fauna. While I loved this idea and researched the feasibility of these processes, I didn’t feel confident that I could produce work of a high standard if I continued to explore this. Instead I explored these concepts through digital and traditional works.

 Artworks were produced in multiple mediums, including moving forms to bridge the gap between the fine illustrations and abstract digital works. The inner workings are depicted in moving forms as well, appearing like tapestries to weave the two lenses together.



Human figures are strategically used as an embodiment of our environment. The figures are shown fractured or engulfed by intricate patterns representing our inclusion to the natural world. The figures in the artwork act as physical manifestations of the environment. They are constructed by an arrangement of flora and fauna and are seen thriving. The works are mainly focused on sustainability but will also touch on femininity; the two themes interacting to make a self-aware audience that accepts the message of environmental vulnerability while embracing the messages of empowerment.



The technical style will draw on the meticulousness and intricate nature of my usual illustration style but will feature the flora made up of the abstract patterns and forms to depict the complexity of the natural world. The artworks are abstract in their depiction but can be explored in their portray of vast landscapes while also being understood on a micro level. the works can also be approved as illustrations of the cellular. both macro and micro context spark wonder and stress the importance of connection. The importance of this lies in our responsibility to foster connections with the natural world if we truly want to be sustainable.

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