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Motion Graphics project

In the created animation, colour is used as a physical manifestation of the emotions conveyed through the underlying sound track “Euphoria” by AK. Pixel Sorting and double exposure are vital illustrative techniques, constructing visual representations of the emotions felt by and projected onto the viewer throughout the animation. The video allows viewers to experience music from a mostly unfamiliar point of view – that of individual with sound to colour Synesthesia (Chromesthesia). In people with this type of synesthesia, the individual experiences sound and music in physical forms specific to the emotional intent and tone of the notes present. As such the tones chosen for the animation were selected for their emotion value; shades of red and blue acting as emotions while the 'muddy' colour values show contrast and depict the strange overlap and “grey areas” that exist between the two. By focusing on the physical manifestations provoked by sound, coloured abstract formsevoke emotion in the viewer and create an overlap between conflicting emotions.

The created imagery explores the depth and rich emotive soundtrack focusing on the feelings it provokes in the viewer. Fractured figures appear fleetingly throughout the animation to convey the idea of isolation and taunt the viewer with their presence. Each figure appears alone and in fragments, as an object in their own environment, close to interaction but never quite getting there. Throughout the animation the viewer flips between feelings of isolation and blissful solitude. The fractured figures act as a projection of the viewer’s emotions – the exploration of different facets of isolation creating a dissociative effect while also comforting and reassuring the viewer.

Concept Art

Other Animation Work

Below are examples of other animation work that contributed to this project. Each small animation was created over 14 weeks to explore popular types of animation - tactile, modern, character driven, illustration, info-graphic, and type driven. The animations were created based on given prompts that defined each animation. The embedded animations and links below contain the reflections for each animation and contain insight into my practice as an animator.

tactile comp final
Comp 1
illustration 3
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